OSRS Accounts

OSRS Accounts

What are the benefits of buying the OSRS accounts from RSMills?

  1. All accounts are leveled up by our personnel and are safe and can not be recovered.
  2. No other person except our employees have used these accounts.
  3. When you buy your account, you will receive login details in a span of a few minutes and you can start playing immediately.
  4. Only the most efficient and safe methods are used to level up these accounts.

ESSENTIAL tips for buying OSRS accounts:

  1. You need to change your e-mail and password as soon as you can (preferably immediately)! (Guide on how to do this)
  2. Do not use any power leveling or other similar services on this account for at least a single week.
  3. When payment is complete, please contact our sales representatives via Live Chat on the right bottom corner of the page.
  4. Every transacion is final and no refunds are issued if you have received your login details
  5. When buying cheap OSRS accounts from RSMills you accept our Terms of Service.

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